SXSW Tag 4: South-by passing by

We started out our day with breakfast together, where everyone in the group drew their first conclusions.

What were the key takeaways, and what were the highlights?

Everyone is enthusiastic about experiencing SXSW, but especially about having experienced it in a group format; a group that has become a real team over the past few days. Who as a team fanned out to explore SXSW – discussions, evaluations, assessments and lots of fun as a team.

Everyone agrees as far as the content is concerned, regardless of whether what has been heard or experienced is seen as confirmation that we are on the right path, or as an incentive to push for transformation even more rigorously: Digitalization has dramatically changed all of our lives in the past two decades. And these changes will continue, perhaps changing us and our society even more profoundly than before.

The statements of the participants reveal a common thread that has been noticeable throughout the entire SXSW: the euphoria and intoxication of one's own possibilities in the context of digitization have been supplemented by thoughtfulness, skepticism and an unspoken question: where will this all lead to, where could it lead to? And how do we ensure that these developments will go in a positive direction for us as human beings?

We're going out again to visit companies and installations that we haven't seen yet, while attending exciting lectures once again. Even if it feels a bit like pouring more water into a full glass, the past days were so rich and intense.

Everyone gets together in the evening to get to experience another truly American passion, as controversial as it might be - the passion and fascination for weapons. We try out different weapons at a shooting range. What becomes clear in our group as well is that enthusiasm and aversion are represented here too as the two ends of a pole. But nobody at all wanted to miss the experience.

The official part of our trip now comes to an end with a last dinner together. Unofficially, however, it's not over. At the hotel all of the participants gathered again for a round and came to the conclusion that it was unbelievable, one has to have experienced SXSW - and at any time again with this team, from the participants all the way through to the organization. A perfect learning journey.


In the next few days a personal conclusion will be provided here again with a little distance and time to process the myriad impressions. Until then!